Two male students and two female students working with beakers and test tubes

Explore How Research Impacts Your Life

Chia seeds
Alternative Grains

ARS researchers are evaluating ways to use gluten-free alternatives, like amaranth, in popular products like cookies.

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brown marmorated stink bug
Do Bugs Bug You?

Learn about insects and what we can do to keep them out of our homes.

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A baby being spoon fed
Can Baby Food Affect Your Adult Health?

What you eat at certain stages of life may determine your future health.

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ARS in Your Pizza

Great pizza needs great ingredients! Did you know that two of those were developed by ARS?

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What is Photosynthesis?

Learn about photosynthesis and how plants use it to feed the planet.

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Red apples growing on a tree
An Apple For Your Teacher and You

ARS maintains an experimental orchard in Geneva, NY, devoted to bringing you even better apples for the future.

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Purple grapes growing on a vine
Grape Expectations

ARS has bred "seedless" grape varieties with seeds so tiny that you can't even detect them.

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Cattle in a field
How Can an App Beef Up Cattle Production?

A team of ARS researchers is developing a web-based tool that will help cattle producers select the best bull for their herds.

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An air potato beetle on a green leaf
Invasion of the Air Potato!

Controlling one of the most aggressive invasive weeds in the southeastern United States.

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Really-Good-For-You Health Bars

ARS researchers helped formulate a tasty fruit-based bar with health-promoting ingredients.

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Imperfect Fruits and Veggies Get a Second Chance

Scientists are turning potentially wasted fruits and veggies into tasty, healthful products for you to enjoy.

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A biorefiner
Prospecting for Non-Fossil Oil and Gas

A thermo-catalytic system may help farmers and ranchers convert farm and ranch leftovers and waste to sources of bioenergy.

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Peanuts in the shell
Hope for People With Peanut Allergy

ARS scientists have come up with a very promising for peanut allergy treatment.

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Corn growing in kura clover.
Living Mulch Improves Soil Health and Farmer’s Bottom Line

Scientists is working on a double-cropping system that may improve a farmer’s profit margin.

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Many mixed breads and rolls shot from above.
Microbe Turns Bread Waste into Useful Compound

ARS scientists found a way to make a valuable compound from left over bread.

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Shelled and unshelled pecans.
Protecting Pecans with Friendly Fungi

Scientists at the ARS Fruit and Tree Nut Research Station have developed a new way to protect pecans from diseases.

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Honeybees feeding on microalgae
Microalgae is the Bee’s Knees

Microscopic algae could provide a strong, sustainably produced artificial diet for honeybees.

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Researchers are Close to Hooking Fatal Catfish Disease

ARS scientists are close to landing answers and potential remedies to the elusive disease, Aeromonas hydrophila.

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Growing Food in Space

ARS scientists are working with NASA to develop technologies to allow astronauts to grow fresh produce while in space.

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