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Hanging Out and Taking Selfies: Takoda Becomes a Teenager

Eaglet looking at camera
Takoda recently found the webcam placed near the family nest, and we now have a selfie of the fledgling eagle. (Photo courtesy of National Arboretum Eagle Cam A)

At the U.S. National Arboretum in Washington D.C., 2022 has been a new nesting season for the bald eagle pair Mr. President and his mate, LOTUS, (Lady of The United States) who make their home in a tree at the Arboretum. Back in March, the bald eagle couple welcomed a new eaglet Takoda, also known as DC9. This spring Takoda became a fledgling, or in human terms a young adult eagle, which means he no longer spends his days in the nest with mom and dad. Instead, this summer has been an opportunity for Takoda to spend his days under his parents' watchful eyes practicing some much-needed skills—landing and maneuvering through the air—in preparation for the next phase of his life when he'll be on his own.

Learn more about Takoda and check out this camera to watch Takoda and his parents.