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What is the Nutrition Facts Label?


A young Asian woman reading a Nutrition Facts label
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Have you ever noticed the numbers on the back of food and drink packages? Those numbers are part of the Nutrition Facts label, which tells you what nutrients are inside of food. Many types of nutrients can be found in the food that you eat.  Protein, fat, and carbohydrates give the body energy to help you grow and stay active. Vitamins and minerals help the body function. For example, you can find vitamin D and calcium that help your bones stay strong, and potassium which helps your muscles  function.

The label’s percent Daily Value (%DV) section can help you learn how much of each nutrient you are eating and compare what is in different foods. The Nutrition Facts label also provides a suggested serving size, or how much to eat at one time. This helpful information can be used to choose healthy options when cooking and eating.

Use the Nutrition Facts Label to find out how much of certain nutrients are found in foods, and how they can fit into a healthy diet. Try to choose foods with more vitamin D, calcium, and potassium and less added sugars. For example, when buying breakfast cereal, you could use the label to choose a cereal that contains a lower amount of added sugars.

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