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Popcorn: A Healthy, Whole Grain Snack


A family watching a movie at home and eating popcorn.
Photo courtesy of Getty Images

Do you like snacks? Who doesn’t!? Problem is, most snacks aren’t healthy for your body. Enter popcorn, a popular snack and can also be a healthy one as long as it’s prepared without adding lots of butter or salty toppings.

You probably know that whole grains are part of healthy diets. Healthy diets that include whole grains may lower blood pressure, reduce the risk of developing obesity, and lower the risk of cardiovascular disease mortality. Did you know that popcorn is a 100 percent whole grain? And that one serving of popcorn provides about one-third of the whole grains most American adolescents and adults need?

For a whole grain snack on the go, there are many options for healthy prepackaged popcorn at the supermarket or convenience store, too. Glance at the ingredients list and nutrition facts to make sure the amounts of sodium and saturated fat are low.

Popcorn can be a healthy, whole grain choice for omnivores, vegetarians, and vegans alike. For more healthy snacking tips and ideas, check out