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Pick Your Pumpkins and Eat Them Too!


A pumpkin smoothie in a glass with a straw sitting on wood and surrounded by pumpkins and cinnamon sticks.
Photo courtesy of Jenifoto - Adobe Stock

Will you be picking pumpkins with your family this fall? Pumpkins are fun to carve, but they are also a favorite ingredient for many people! Pumpkin adds an earthy, sweet flavor and creamy texture to recipes, and is also packed with vitamins and minerals. It contains vitamin A, which helps the body to fight off germs and keep our eyes healthy. One cup of mashed pumpkin also contains more potassium than a large banana!

Try these four ideas for enjoying pumpkin with your family this fall:

  1. Get fueled for school with Pumpkin Pancakes.
  2. Stir mashed pumpkin into tomato sauce for your next pasta dinner for a vitamin boost.
  3. Blend pumpkin with milk, cinnamon, and frozen banana for a fall-themed smoothie.
  4. Build strong muscles by using a firm pumpkin as a weight! Use your arms to lift the pumpkin over your head for an “overhead press” exercise, or bend and straighten your legs for a “squat” exercise.