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Keeping Food Safe in Your Kitchen


Father and daughter sitting at a kitchen table looking at a smart phone while eating
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Do you know how to store food safely in your kitchen? We usually store our groceries in the pantry, the refrigerator or the freezer. Why do we do this? All food is stored to help prevent both spoilage and germs that can make your family sick.

The USDA has an app to help you learn how to store the foods that you eat properly!  This app is called Food Keeper, which you can also find on's Safe Food Storage page.

Each food will have what is called a shelf life, or the number of days that it can stay fresh before being thrown out. This app can help you prevent food waste, prepare meals, and keep foods fresh for your family!

Take yourself on a mini scavenger hunt on  Food Keeper!

  • Making ice cream sundaes? How long can your ice cream stay in the freezer?
  • Saturday afternoon cookie baking! Are your eggs fresh?
  • Which vegetables in your kitchen are unspoiled and ready for your homemade soup?
  • How long can you store fresh squeezed apple juice in your refrigerator?

Think about food safety the next time you are cooking with your family in the kitchen.

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