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Two women and two men wearing white lab coats and standing with their arms crossed in a room of beakers and test tubes


ARS's Young Scientists

Young, bright scientists are flocking to ARS to work on revolutionary science projects, combat the effects of climate change, ensure the sustainability and safety of our food supply, and prepare to meet the agricultural demands of a growing population.

In this section, we will be highlighting 20 of our young, promising scientists.  Take a peek inside their innovative work and check back often. 

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Lauren Hale

Soil scientist at the Water Management Research in Parlier, CA

Matthew Hillyer

Research Chemist at the Cotton Chemistry and Utilization Research in New Orleans, LA

Learn more about Matthew Hillyer's research. 

Mackenzie Tietjen

Entomologist at the ARS Livestock Arthropod Pest Research Unit in Kerrville, TX

Perot Saelao

Molecular Biologist at ARS’s Livestock Arthropod Pest Research Unit in Kerrville, TX

Lidong Li

Research Associate at the Agroecosystem Management Research Unit in Lincoln, NE

Colton Flynn

Soil Scientist at the Grassland Soil and Water Research Laboratory in Temple, TX

Pratik Parajuli

Agricultural Engineer at the Quality and Safety Assessment Research Unit in Athens, GA

Emily Watkins de Jong

Biological Technician at the Carl Hayden Bee Research Center in Tucson, Arizona

Samuel Ramsey

Entomologist and Former Research Fellow at ARS’s Bee Research Laboratory in Beltsville, MD

Jacqueline Serrano

Entomologist at ARS’s Temperate Tree Fruit and Vegetable Research Unit in Wapato, WA

Alison Gerken

Quantitative Ecologist at the Center for Grain and Animal Health Research in Manhattan, KS