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A forest of trees with yellow foliage

Our precious Earth is continuously transforming, and we must recognize and support these changes in order to formulate a long-lasting relationship with our home.

Agriculture is the lifeline of all human beings, and our environment is the lifeline of agriculture.

While we all should be nurturing our planet every day, Earth Day is prime opportunity to demonstrate our support for the environment: recycle, compost, reduce your carbon footprint, use natural energy sources, and help keep our land, air, and waterways clean.

Here at ARS, we work every day to enhance, improve, and protect our environment. This includes promoting sustainability, addressing climate change, and looking for ways to reduce our carbon footprint.

One thing we can all agree on is that we all want safe and nutritious food to eat, fresh water to drink, and clean air to breathe.

What can you do to help the planet?

A young African American woman pulling golden beets from dirt in a garden.

Invest in Our Planet: How to Do Your Part

Composting: Nature's Way of Recycling Organic Materials
Composting is becoming ever increasingly popular, both on the farms and at home. Learn how to compost and why.

Go Back To Step Forward this Earth Day: Ways To Fight Food Waste
This Earth Day, find inspiration to curb food loss and waste with these tips.

Tips for Healthy Soil in Your Backyard Garden
Why not plant a flower or vegetable garden to celebrate Earth Day?

Facebook Premiere on Beekeeping
Try your hand at beekeeping with these tips from our bee expert and help our pollinators.

Two women checking green plants growing in a greenhouse

How are Scientists Helping the Planet? 

Digging Deeper into Climate Change Data (2023)
A new online tool helps California farmers reduce the risks of climate change.

Soil Health: Sustaining Life with Better Management (2023)
Learn how the work of ARS scientists is increasing soil health and helping the environment. (video)

Working to Keep the Chesapeake Bay Healthy (2023)
ARS scientists are conducting research to better understand the Bay's ecosystem.

Helping Reduce Methane Emissions by Solving a Sticky Problem for U.S. Produce Exporters (2023)
The USDA's Agricultural Research Service and Foreign Agricultural Service are collaborating with Sinclair Systems International to produce compostable price look up (PLU) labels that meet the EU standards for home compostability.

The Role of Agriculture in Earth Preservation
Special Earth Day edition of Under the Microscope featuring an interview with ARS molecular biologist Lisa Ainsworth.

Regenerative Farming 
ARS scientists across the nation are helping producers keep their lands healthy and sustainable, while limiting their impact on our precious ecosystem. (video series)

Our Planet Earth: Looking to the Future
ARS scientists play a vital role in protecting our environment by developing agricultural solutions that are sustainable while meeting the needs of our growing world.

Adapting Corn to Ever Changing Climate
Learn how ARS researchers are developing corn that responds to our ever changing climate through genetics. (video)

Alfalfa: A Winner for Producers and the Environment
Alfalfa has a long history as the go-to feed for farm animals and poultry. But what has not been widely recognized is alfalfa's importance to the environment.

Carbon Mapping on the Go
A new tool helps farmers better understand how their land management practices impact carbon sequestration, a method of mitigating climate change by storing CO2 in the soil, rather than releasing it into the atmosphere.