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The Insects Inside

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Entomologist Tracy Leskey (right) and support scientist Starker Wright (left) inspect traps that are being tested for brown marmorated stink bug attraction. Stink bugs are an invasive species, and can make their way into homes and other buildings. (Photo by Stephen Ausmus)

We all know that insects surround us, but what about the ones that get closer to home – inside our homes? In this short video, ARS entomologist Tracy Leskey answers the most pressing viewer questions about household insects, including:

• How to make your home less attractive to ants, silverfish, and other insects
• What to do about stinkbugs – and why invasive insects are such a big problem
• Why spiders aren’t actually insects at all
• How to protect beneficial insects
• Saving your clothes from moths
• Electronic bug zappers
• What to do if your pet eats an insect and
• How to keep insects from getting into a home in the first place

Learn about all these issues, and more, in our video interview with Dr. Leskey.