Improving Animal Health

Animal Health

Animal health plays a vital role in agriculture. Animals, both domestic livestock and wild, face many health risks, including inadequate nourishment, disease, and yes like humans, stress. Healthy animals are more productive and tend to cost less to maintain on farms and lands.

Here at ARS, we take the health of animals very seriously. Animals on our farms are cared for daily by experienced staff and veterinarians, many of whom were raised on a farm or ranch and cared for animals all of their lives. ARS researchers who specialize in animal health deliver scientific information and tools to detect, control, and eradicate animal diseases that impact agriculture and public health. Important to ARS research efforts are diseases that can be transmitted between animals and humans. To monitor and assure healthy animals, ARS research focuses on animal feeding and nutrition, and we look at biological markers and signs that can be used to improve animal health.

Check out our research projects below:

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How Can an App Beef Up Cattle Production?

A team of ARS researchers is developing a web-based tool that will help cattle producers select the best bull for their herds.

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Fish the Desert? Farm the Inner City?

Aquaponics is an innovative blend of aquaculture and hydroponics.

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Seaweed: It’s Not Just for Sushi Anymore

Seaweed farming is the fastest growing sector of American aquaculture and ARS scientists can help farmers cash in.

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Can Seaweed Lessen Climate Change?

ARS scientists are exploring how a seaweed species could potentially reduce methane emissions in livestock production.

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Reducing Ammonia Pollution from Cows

Red clover as a feed ingredient to help cows excrete less ammonia into the environment.

A technician collects eggs from a female Atlantic salmon.
ARS Helps Fill Nets with Better Salmon

The National Cold Water Marine Aquaculture Center has been improving America’s Atlantic salmon for nearly 20 years.

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Two hands holding an open oyster
ARS Efforts to Boost Oyster Production

An ARS scientist in Rhode Island has joined a team of researchers working to restore oysters.

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Close-up of a catfish swimming
Fly Frass Forms Fabulous Fish Food

ARS researchers have developed a feed supplement that increases the weight of fish and helps keep them healthy.

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Two catfish with white spots caused by disease.
Using Clay to Fight Fish Disease

ARS scientists have unearthed a natural material that helps prevent a deadly fish disease.

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Five salmon swimming
Eat Fish! Which Fish? That Fish! Go Fish!

Scientists are studying ways to lower the cost of farming fish while improving omega 3 content and fillet quality.

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A partial map of ARS research locations
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Use our interactive map to find out what revolutionary research is being conducted in your state.

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