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Potatoes are one of the main crops grown in the U.S., with a production of approximately 22.5 million tons annually. The U.S. Pacific Northwest, where most of the U.S. potato crop is grown accounts for over 60% of U.S. production. Potatoes are grown throughout the United States, from Maine to California, and as far south as Texas and Florida. Over the years, ARS scientists have developed superior potato cultivars like:
  • 'Clearwater Russet' and 'Blazer Russet': that are used by McDonald's for French fries.
  • 'Elkton': a chipping cultivar with high resistance to internal heat necrosis.
  • 'Huckleberry Gold': co-developed by ARS, with signature purple skin, yellow flesh, and small size is gaining popularity with consumers and niche markets alike.
  • 'Wiñay': Frost-resistant potatoes developed through international joint research with ARS and Peru.

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Get cooking with these great recipes from Chef Mark Mills. Each delicious recipe features potatoes!

ARS Potato Research

Striking (Huckleberry) Gold

The Huckleberry Gold potato, co-developed by ARS, is gaining popularity with consumers and niche markets alike.

Are Hybrid Potatoes in Your Future?

Scientists are working to improve potatoes and researching how environmental conditions influence potato quality.

A Better Potato for a Better Potato Chip

USDA's Agricultural Research Service helps ensure that the country always has the perfect potato for frying into chips.

Keep Your Eyes on the Fries 

There's a good chance you're eating an ARS-developed French fry.

New Variety Will Help Potatoes Prosper

A team of scientists created a new potato variety that resists frost, making the crop even more resilient.


The Potato Industry’s New Stud

This new variety produces high yields during early and full harvest seasons.