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Egg-splaining Egg Safety

We are Cracking the Mysteries About Egg Safety!

Whether you like them fried, soft-boiled, scrambled or over-easy eggs are a popular food. If you eat eggs, you may have some questions about how to handle them safely.

Have you ever had an egg stuck in the carton and wondered if it’s still safe to eat? Where should eggs be stored in the refrigerator? Are eggs with two yolks safe to eat? How long are cooked eggs safe at room temperature?

ARS egg expert Deana Jones is cracking open myths about egg safety— answering those questions and more!

Facebook Premiere: Egg Handling, Safety, and Consumption

ARS Egg Research

Eggcrack image
July 2011

Egg Quality Preserved After Exposure to Egg Crack Detection Technology - Microcracks in the shells of eggs pose a major food safety concern to consumers.

Eggzact image
March 31, 2014

Tactic for Pasteurizing Raw Eggs Kills Salmonella, Doesn't Harm Egg Quality – new technique uses radio waves to zap salmonella.

Eggproduction image
April 26, 2017

Improving Egg Production Operations - ARS scientists developed portable and stationary LED-light egg grading systems.

Storeeggs image
April 23, 2019

How We Store Our Eggs—and Why. It is a question anyone who has ever eaten an egg might want to ask: How should we store them?

Storingeggssafely image
April 24, 2019

How We Store Our Eggs Bonus Content - Questions & Answers on how to handle and store eggs safely.

Takingacrack image
May 23, 2019

Taking a Crack at Keeping Eggs Fresh - Should your refrigerate eggs or keep them at room temperature? Researchers decided.

Shelleggs image
July 27, 2020

Taking Pasteurized Shell Eggs to a New Level - ARS scientists have hatched a way to produce safer eggs without jeopardizing quality.

Egg Safety Factsheets

Buying image
Buying Eggs

Egg-citing Facts About Buying - What should you look for when buying eggs? Learn this and more.

Storing image
Storing Eggs

Egg-citing Facts About Storing Eggs - How long do eggs keep? How do you know if an egg is spoiled? Learn the answer and more.

Handling image
Handling Eggs

Egg-citing Facts About Handling Eggs Safely - Can you use an egg that is stuck in the carton? Learn the answer and more.

Eating' image
Eating Eggs

Egg-citing Facts About How to Eat Eggs Safely - Are eggs with two yolks safe to eat? Learn the answer and more.

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