Science Project Handouts

  • Graphic of corn growing in a cultivated field overlayed by symbols of water droplets, a garden spade, sun shining and carbon.

Science Project Handouts

Female high school students performing experiment in chemistry lab

Teachers and Parents. Need a science project handout for homework or at-home learning? We offer downloadable versions of our popular science projects for your convenience. They are available in a variety of topics and skill levels. Just download and print (pdf format).

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Fun and Educational Science Projects

Bowls of fruits and vegetables arranged on top of nutrition labels
Take the Vitamin & Mineral Challenge

Are you getting enough vitamins and minerals? To find out, take this challenge! | Ages: 14-18 | Time: 30 min/day | Difficulty: Easy

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A young boy using a magnifying glass to look at a yellow flower.
Biodiversity Experiment

Try this experiment around your yard or school to learn about animals/plants in your area | Ages: 4-11 | Time: 30min | Difficulty: Easy

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Two hands planting a seedling in the ground
Soil Amendment Experiment

How do organic amendments help plants? | Ages: 5-12 | Time: 1-2 hours at start-up, few minutes a day for 6+ weeks | Difficulty: Moderate

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A seedling growing in dirt.
Plant Growth and Osmotic Potential

Test the effect of high salt soil concentrations on plant growth | Ages: 12+ | Time: 3+ weeks | Difficulty: Easy/Moderate

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Puppy running carrying a tennis ball
Paint Your Pet's Behavior

Draw or paint and learn more about different animal behaviors. | Ages: 4-11 | Time: 30 min | Difficulty: Easy

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Test tubes viewed under a blacklight
Black Light Experiment

Explore fluorescence (light) in food and plants. | Ages: 5-12 | Time: 15-20 mins | Difficulty: Easy

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A person in a plaid shirt and jeans holding a handful of dirt
Soil Erosion Experiment

How does soil erosion occur? | Ages: 5-12 | Time: 15-20 mins | Difficulty: Easy

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A glass of orange juice with whole oranges surrounding it.
Vitamin C Challenge

Compare vitamin C levels | Ages: 5-12 | Time: 15-20 mins | Difficulty: Easy

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Wheatgrass growing in clear plastic drinking cups
Plant Growth and Root Development

Test the effect a hard soil layer has on plant growth and root development. | Ages: 10+ | Time: 3+ weeks | Difficulty: Easy/moderate

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A black, tan and white cat sitting.
Pet Behavior Matching Game

Play this game and learn more about different animal behaviors. | Ages: 4-15 | Time: 30 minutes | Difficulty: Easy

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