Science in Your Shopping Cart

  • Science in Your Shopping Cart

Each year, ARS scientists develop new varieties of fruits, vegetables, and other products that provide consumers with improved convenience, longer shelf life, better nutrition, new flavors, and sometimes even a whole new idea that no one has brought to consumers before.

Check out our new "Science in Your Shopping Cart" factsheets to learn which ARS research products may be sitting in your shopping cart!

What's In Your Cart?

ARS Unlocks Nature's Secrets to Pest Control

These findings could be what's needed to enjoy the outdoors by using natural compounds to control pests without harmful chemicals.

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Cheers to Those Who Keep Suds on Tap

ARS researchers play a role in enhancing the quality of the hops and barley needed to produce beer.

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Deep-Dive into the Catfish Genome

Over the past decade, ARS scientists have collaborated with U.S. catfish farmers to create new, improved catfish lines.

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New ARS Strawberry is a "Keepsake"

Did you know that ARS once saved the strawberry industry?

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New Cotton Gauze Stops Bleeding Fast

ARS researchers in New Orleans are behind a new blood-clotting gauze that can help save lives!

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To Live the Sweet Life, Live with Sucromalt

ARS may have a pretty sweet deal for diabetics and others looking to curb their sugar intake.

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A New Contender in the Peanut Industry

A new Virginia-type peanut contains high amounts of oleic fatty acids, which can promote cardiovascular health.

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Flour Power: Alternative Flours

ARS researchers are exploring the health benefits of flour made from wine grape seeds.

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Wrap It Up with Edible Films

ARS partnered with NewGem Foods to reinvent wraps by making edible films out of unmarketable fruits and vegetables.

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The First True Red Spinach

This new variety of spinach has about a 50 percent higher level of phytonutrients!

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Breakfast Cereal Made with ARS Wheat

The main ingredient in this breakfast cereal is a new white spring wheat developed by ARS scientists.

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Cool Tech Tools For Consumers

What nutrients are in your food? Which plants will thrive in your area? Find out the answers and more with these cool tech tools.

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These Peaches Are A “Joy” To Eat

Things are just peachy at the ARS Fruit and Tree Nut Research Unit after releasing three new peaches.

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