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Being Environmental Stewards

ARS is committed to helping agriculture meet the world demand for food, feed, fiber and fuel while also protecting the environment and natural resources. Around the country, our scientists conduct multi-faceted research to provide producers with the very latest information and technology to use in meeting that growing demand—from local climate data to mobile apps for accessing it on the go.      

Often, this requires close collaboration and a melding of minds from diverse scientific disciplines—microbiology, chemistry, agronomy, animal nutrition, plant physiology, engineering and soil science among them.

Much of the research underway at ARS’ 90-plus locations in the United States and abroad is carried out with environmental health and natural resources conservation in mind—either directly through laboratory and field studies or as an indirect benefit of its scientific and technological outcomes.

In This Section

Water hyacinth weevil
Finding Natural Enemies

ARS scientists study natural enemies with potential to biologically control invasive plants.

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Sunlight shining through a green leaf
Increasing Photosynthesis

ARS scientists are working to increase the photosynthetic ability of food and bioenergy crops.

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A cow standing next to a stream.
Managing Forage and Grazing Lands

ARS scientists are exploring sustainable approaches to managing forage and grazing lands.

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A watershed
Managing Watersheds

ARS is developing integrated approaches to managing crop, animal and watershed systems to reduce environmental risk.

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Southwestern landscape
Protecting Natural Resources

ARS is protecting natural resources through sustainable agricultural systems.

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A cow and a calf
Reducing Ammonia Pollution from Cows

Red clover as a feed ingredient to help cows excrete less ammonia into the environment.

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A drone hovering over a field
Reducing Herbicide Spraying

ARS researchers are exploring using camera-mounted drones to reduce herbicide spraying where and when it’s not needed.

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