Can Seaweed Mitigate Climate Change? Yep!

Can Seaweed Mitigate Climate Change? Yep!

According to NASA, belches from cattle, sheep, goats, and other ruminant animals have a climate change problem. Ruminants have digestive systems that ferment the cellulose in the rough vegetation they eat, making it easier to digest. The problem is methane gas is a byproduct of fermentation and the animals release it when they belch.

According to the EPA, methane accounts for about 10% of U.S. greenhouse emissions – and enteric (intestinal) fermentation accounts for about 27% of that.

ARS scientists are turning to bromoform, a compound in seaweed, that may reduce enteric methane emission by as much as 82% when fed to ruminants as a small portion of their diet. Expanding this nutritional supplement nationwide, and perhaps globally, could markedly reduce methane emissions, and that’s something worth boasting, not belching, about.

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