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No, we’re not talking about Aquaman here. We’re more interested in sustainability and environmental impacts. If we’re going to feed a vastly growing population then we’ll need to become more efficient fishermen; create more fishing farms; and clean up our oceans, rivers, and streams.

ARS scientists who specialize in aquaculture research are developing technologies that improve fish strains and hybrids and making advances in breeding and genetics research. They are also looking at hatchery and pond management technologies to provide environmental conditions ideal for fish living conditions. We’re also working with farmers to reduce excess runoff from their fields, which spill into our waterways.

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Two hands holding an open oyster
ARS Efforts to Boost Oyster Production

An ARS scientist in Rhode Island has joined a team of researchers working to restore oysters.

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Close-up of a catfish swimming
Fly Frass Forms Fabulous Fish Food

ARS researchers have developed a feed supplement that increases the weight of fish and helps keep them healthy.

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Two catfish with white spots caused by disease.
Using Clay to Fight Fish Disease

ARS scientists have unearthed a natural material that helps prevent a deadly fish disease.

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Five salmon swimming
Eat Fish! Which Fish? That Fish! Go Fish!

Scientists are studying ways to lower the cost of farming fish while improving omega 3 content and fillet quality.

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