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An Apple For Your Teacher...and You!

What hasn’t ARS done for apples? From the ground up, we’ve invented disease-resistant rootstocks, environmentally friendly pest control methods, picker-friendly harvesting methods, better storage atmospheres, and natural preservatives to keep apple flesh from browning after cutting. ARS maintains an experimental orchard in Geneva, NY, devoted to bringing you even better apples for the future.

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Grape Expectations

When was the last time you had to pick seeds out of your teeth when you ate a grape? Most likely, never! That's because ARS has bred "seedless" grape varieties with seeds so tiny that you can't even detect them.

Popular varieties include Flame Seedless, Crimson Seedless, Thomcord, and Autumn King, to name just a few. Sunpreme is a variety perfect for drying raisins on the vine. ARS pioneered a technique called "embryo rescue" to create new seedless varieties from existing ones.

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How Can an App Beef Up Cattle Production?

Everyone would like to see a few extra dollars in their wallets, right? Ranchers are no exception, and researchers at ARS’ Meat Animal Research Center in Clay Center, NE, are developing a web-based tool that will help cattle producers do just that. Called iGENDEC, for internet genetic decisions, the internet app will give beef cattle producers a way to select the best bull for their herds. Early testing has shown promising results.

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